Autobiography from USASA Region III Referee Lifetime Achievement Award and FSR Hall of Fame declarations:

Grew up in Nigeria, West Africa; where I played soccer as a youngster (1945-1957); but, soccer did not exist where I attended high school (Pineville, Louisiana, 1958-60) and college (Mars Hill College, North Carolina, 1960-64).
  • Helped organize soccer in Louisville, KY, while a graduate student, and where I lived years following that (1964-1981; then 1984-94).
  • Played on the original, adult men’s traveling team, Louisville Soccer Club; started refereeing high school soccer (1968), before it became a (KHSAA) high school-affiliated sport in 1978 (refereed the State HS Final that year); started refereeing the developing youth and adult leagues in Louisville area, until USSF came to KY in 1980; at which time I registered as a Grade 8 referee with USSF (1980).
  • Moved to Seattle (1981-84); where I refereed soccer and attended the University of Washing (M.B.A., 1984); became a Grade 5, USSF referee; a certified USSF instructor; and was trained with others by Herb Silva, to provide local referee support to the new MISL franchise, the Tacoma Stars.
  • Returned to Louisville in 1984; was the referee liaison for the new AISA indoor franchise, the Louisville Thunder; was the highest certified referee in KY (Grade 5); and, briefly assigned games for the local men’s league. Joined NISOA in 1985; and, became certified as a USSF assessor in 1986.
  • Became SDI for KY (1986-94); certified as a NISOA Clinician (under Bob Sumpter, in 1986; became KY’s first USSF National Referee (August, 1989); and, was in NISOA’s first group of National Referees (1990).
  • Became a State Assessor for USSF; a National Clinician for NISOA, and, (1994-95) prepared for Bob Sumpter the first NISOA publication of comparative rules between USSF, NISOA and National Federation (high school).
  • Went National Referee emeritus with both USSF and NISOA in 1994, and certified (1994) with USSF (and NISOA) as a National Referee Assessor.
  • Moved to Sarasota, FL (1995); then to Fort Lauderdale (1996), where I continued my previous participation with USSF, NISOA and Federation high school refereeing, instructing and assessing.
  • State Director of the Florida Referee Academy (2008 to 2013); active with South Florida Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association [SFISOA, the S. FL chapter of NISOA, where I referee; was Chapter Clinician until 2010; and was Chapter Secretary (2002 through 2018)]; and, with the Broward County Soccer Officials Association (high school), where I referee, continue to be a clinician, and am presently Secretary.

As a Referee:

  • USSF Region II Amateurs (Schwaben Club, Chicago), summer of 1989 (received my final Grade 5 assessment from Pat Smith, prior to attending later that summer, my first USSF National Referee camp, Colorado Springs, CO).
  • National Amateur Men’s Final, Indianapolis, IN, 1990 (Worked as AR, with Ed Bellion and Fawzi Noucha, in the Championship match).
  • USSF Armed Forces Tournament, St. Patrick Air Force Base, October, 1990 (with Paul Tamborino; Jozsef Michna; Lazlo Nagy)
  • NAIA Women’s Finals, Erskine College, South Carolina (November, 1991)
  • Florida Gold Coast League Men’s Final, Fort Lauderdale, 1996 (Championship match, Lauderdale Lions vs. Honduras Five-Star)
  • Copa Latina tournament, Miami (did middles & lines,1997-2000)

Guidance to Others in the Referee Program:

  • USSF referee; mentor; instructor; assessor; assignor (1980 to present); life member, United States Soccer Federation
  • NISOA referee; mentor; instructor; assessor (1985 to present)
  • National Federation (high school) referee; mentor; clinician and evaluator (1978 to present)
  • Florida “head of (referee) delegation” (HOD) to (youth) Region III (“Southern Regional” tournament) 2002-2013.
  • Tournament Assessor Coordinator (TAC) numerous times for Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA President’s Cup and State Cup Final Four).
  • State Director of the Florida Referee Academy (March, 2008 to 2013):
  • Assisted with development and implementation of new program strategies
  • Assisted with staff organization and program communication among Academy and FSR administration and staff; FL State soccer programs (FSAA; FYSA); and FSR-certified referees

Assisted with organization of Academy-involved tournaments/clinics:

  • Disney Qualifier Showcase (Labor Day Weekend, 2008)
  • Disney Showcase Tournament (December, 2008)
  • Disney (adult) Classic Tournament (January, 2009)
  • FYSA President’s Cup and State Cup Final Four (2009)
  • (FYSA) Region III (Head of Delegation) (2009)
  • Academy State Select Clinic, Stetson University (2009)
  • Disney Qualifier Showcase (Labor Day) (2009)
  • Academy State Select Clinic, Lynn University (2009)
  • Disney Showcase Tournament (December, 2009)
  • FSSA (adult) Invitation Tournament (January, 2010)
  • FYSA President’s Cup (April, 2010)

In addition to the information already mentioned in the “chronology” portion above, I was one of the main organizers of the Kentuckiana Soccer Officials Association (for Louisville referees, started during early 1970’s), which at different seasons of the year served USSF, NISOA and Federation high school referees for the greater Louisville metropolitan area; and, at different times I served that Association either as President or in some other elected/appointed position.

In 1993-94, I was the referee liaison for the City of Louisville and Chamber of Commerce, which sponsored the first “Mastercard International Sister Cities Cup,” (July 26-30, 1994), a tournament featuring youth teams from Louisville “Sister Cities” around the world. In addition, I was the host for the assigned USSF Instructor/Assessor, Dio Cordero, and the referee assignor for the tournament. (Kermit Quisenberry, currently a FIFA Assistant Referee in Florida, worked as a (Grade 7) AR, in a showcase adult game during that event.)


  • Florida Soccer Referee Hall of Fame, 2010
  • Referee Lifetime Achievement Award, Region III, 2010
  • Kentucky Soccer Referee Hall of Fame, 2010

Formal education and training:

  • Mars Hill College, NC (B.A., 1964)
  • Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY (M.Div., 1968)
  • University of Louisville, Louisville, KY (M.S., “Urban Studies and Community Development;” 1978)
  • University of Washington, Seattle, WA (M.B.A.; 1984)

Career Experiences:

  • Juvenile Probation Officer and Social Worker, Jefferson County, KY (1968-1981)
  • Health Services Administrator (1985-2002): (primarily as business manager/administrator in both public/private settings, in a range of medical specialties: child & adolescent mental health; Primary Care administration in the U of L School of Medicine; ophthalmology; hematology & internal medicine; home health; cardiovascular services; neurology)
  • Substitute Teacher for the Broward County Public Schools (2002 to present)
  • Author of a published book (2009) about my missionary parents’ work in Nigeria (1945-1977); currently working with Duke University to develop a historic, research archive for materials to be donated from the private, family collections of deceased and retired missionaries; for the past twenty years a collector of African art (primarily West African); and am a U.S. representative for the Museum of Art and Science in Milan, Italy (Museo d’ art e Scienza, Milano), which offers a service for the age-verification and certification of various artifacts.
  • Husband, and father of a daughter and three grandchildren.
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